A new Kibitzer is available!

A new Kibitzer is available for your enjoyment.

Learn the details of the exciting NABC coming to Chicago August 6-16.

Pres. Les Kent asks for volunteers to help make the NABC a success.

Volunteering for the NABC is fun and easy. Just fill out the application on page 2.

Get ready for the Labor Day Sectional set for September 4-7.

See photographs from the District 13 Spring regional.

Central States Regional is October 26 - November 1.

Honor a great partner or someone special by being a NABC sponsor.

Non-life masterpoint requirements change for I/N games.

See the Stars of Tomorrow spring winners.

Fall Stars of Tomorrow set for September 19 - 20 in Darien.

See who advanced in rank, and who had 70 percent games.

Volunteers Needed for NABC's in August

The Nationals are being held in Chicago from August 6-16.  We want to make this a memorable event for all who come Youth and seniors, beginners and experienced players.

To make this happen, we will need volunteers.  For example, the desks that provided services to the players are staffed by volunteers, such as the information desk, registration, prizes, tours and tickets sales for the dinner buses.  There will be a need for people to help with background jobs. 

The YOUTH NABC will be held here for three day only August 6-8.  The Chair said she might need 20 volunteers a day to help run that event.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and email it back to pattq@aol.com.  You can also call me at cell: 630 220-9053 or Home: 708 579-1322.

Partnership Volunteers


August 6-16

The NABC Carl Sharp Memorial Partnership Desk will be open 4 times a day:  8:00-10:00 am, 12:00-1:00 pm, and 6:30-7:30 pm.  In true Chicago style come early and come often.  If you can only help once, that's great too.  Volunteering won't interfere with your own games, and you'll be helping match up eager fellow players who have come to Chicago to PLAY (and win MP's).

Help us do Carl proud

Please let Partnership Chair Jan Churchwell know what days and times you can help.  jan8242@gmail.com; 847.373.3569.

P.S.  We'll have "Whatever" caps for our vols.  Maybe you can match your shirt (or socks).

STAC Results

The next CCBA STAC will be held from July 6 to July 12.  Check your local club to see if they will be holding the event!

The Unit STAC Overall results can be found by visiting the ACBL website.  

Individual game results can be found in the Tournaments area once they disappear from the upper left corner under "Summer STAC Results."

North American Open Pairs - 2015-2016

Club Qualifying Begins in June and Runs Through August

North American Pairs (NAOP) event is a prestigious 'grass roots' event. There are three fights determined by a player's masterpoint accumulation. Flight A is an Open event. Flight B is 0 to 2500 masterpoints and Flight C is 500 masterpoints and only open to Non-Life Masters.

  • Stage 1, 'Club Qualifying' is held at the club level in June, July and August.
  • Stage 2, "District/Unit Finals" is the last stage that determines the top three (3) pairs in each category that advance to the National Finals at the Spring 2016 NABC in Reno, NV.

At the club level, masterpoint awards are sectional rating half Red and half Black. Two-session unit qualifying games have a sectional rating Red with a percentage of Gold for overalls. The District final awards vary with Gold for section first and overalls. Flight C is 25% Gold for overall. Other masterpoints in all flights are Red.

See the special games section for a complete list of Club NAOP qualifying games.

The "official" Conditions of Contest are found on the ACBL Website.  District Conditions and Information are found here!

Finals to be held on Oct 3, 2015 at the Wisconsin Fair Grounds in Milwaukee.

Help our players!

Many people have serious, and even life threatening, allergic reactions to scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and other scents. The CCBA and club owners seek your cooperation to avoid these situations by coming to all bridge events "scent-free."

Please help us by abiding to our new policy. Thank you for your consideration.


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