Milwaukee Summer Fun Regional

The CCBA has been remiss in reminding you that there is another regional that you could attend that is sponsored by District 13 (our local district) in Milwaukee.

It is located just south of the Milwaukee Airport and runs from today (Aug 19) until Sunday (Aug 24). 

Tournament Chair - Yvette Neary can be contacted at (414) 526-9035.

There are many Gold Rush events that you could earn those extra gold points to get you closer to, or achieve your Life Master achievement.

A tournament flyer can be found here!

Familiar Names

August 9th NY Times has some familiar names in it today!   Have a look!

American Bridge and Social Club News

Ron Helman's American Bridge and Social Club would like you to know that going forward, all games will be held at the Winnetka Community Center.

NAOP Qualifiers in June, July and August

NAOP Qualifiers start this month at your local clubs!!

This event leads into a District Final in mid-September and then finally onto a National final in March of 2015.

More information will follow in mid-August.

Help our players!

Many people have serious, and even life threatening, allergic reactions to scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and other scents. The CCBA and club owners seek your cooperation to avoid these situations by coming to all bridge events "scent-free."

Please help us by abiding to our new policy. Thank you for your consideration.


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