Grand National Teams News!

This year's Grand National Team competition will take place on the weekend of February 21 at the Northbrook Hilton, 2855 North Milwaukee Avenue, Northbrook, IL.  Game time for the Saturday start is 11:00 am.

Flight's for this years events are slightly different this year:

  • Championship (Unlimited)
  • Flight A (0-6000)
  • Flight B (0-2500)
  • Flight C (0-500 and Non Life-Master)

Masterpoints holding recorded as of Aug 6, 2014.

Championship and Flight A will take place over 4 sessions and will be concluded in a single weekend. Flight B will take place over 4 sessions on February 21-22, but will conclude in a final match between the last two qualifiers at a time and place to be determined by the players with approval of the District Coordinators.

The conditions of contest for this years event is available here on District 13's website.  The District has a flyer on this event as well.

Registration opens on Jan 26, 2015, and will remain open until Feb 18, 2015

Congratulations to our Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Chicago Invitational Pairs!

  1. Barbara Lehman and Hal Stern
  2. Ralph Katz and  Nikolay Demirev
  3. Jim Dressler and Dan Levin
  4. Howard Engle and Mark Friedlander

Congratulations to this year's Harmon Wilkes Award Winner

  • Howard Engle

Congratulations to this year's Gran Sportsmanship Award

  • Amin Hakim

Valentine Regional in February

THERE'S A NEW TOURNAMENT IN TOWN (for this year only)

Grab your favorite partner(s)!
Join Friends and Fellow Bridge Junkies!!
at the special Valentine Regional
Saturday February 14 to Friday February 20

Wyndham Suites, 1400 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview

Tournament Flyer and Information!

GNT Finals to begin on February 21st at the Northbrook Hilton!

Help our players!

Many people have serious, and even life threatening, allergic reactions to scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and other scents. The CCBA and club owners seek your cooperation to avoid these situations by coming to all bridge events "scent-free."

Please help us by abiding to our new policy. Thank you for your consideration.


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