A New Kibitzer is available!

A new Kibitzer is available for your enjoyment.

  • SummerFest is a smashing success – report and photographs.


  • 299er Stars of Tomorrow II Silver Point Sectional runs Sept. 27, 28 in Darien.
  • Amazing Central States Regional takes place Oct. 20-26 in Lake Geneva.
  • Fun-filled FallFest Silver Point Sectional is November 7-9 in Lombard.
  • Harmon Wilkes and Gran Sportsmanship Award nominations are due by October 1.
  • The Schuetts discuss reopening doubles.
  • Standby volunteers needed for Central States.
  • Jim Diebel tests your knowledge of takeout doubles.
  • Rank advancers, 70 percent games and special games are listed.
  • CCBA Board nominations are due by September 12.


NAP Finals Information

Now that the NAP Qualifiers have concluded (June, July and August), the finals are now just around the corner.

The next stage in this event, the District 13 final, is on Saturday, September 13 in West Allis, WI.  Same place as last year at the Fair Grounds!  See the flyer on our website!

First session starts at 11am with the second session to be announced later that day.

The ACBL has changed the Conditions of Contest slightly (for the better!)   This year:

"Flight B and C North American Pairs competition at the Spring NABC shall include the fourth-place pair from each District.
Effective March 2015 at the NABC in New Orleans"

At this point, it is unclear if District 13 will receive a subsidy for the 3rd place pair that qualifies in Flight B and C.   Participation numbers will determine the subsidy.

The flights are still A (open), B (0-2500), and C (0-499, Non Life Master).

Help our players!

Many people have serious, and even life threatening, allergic reactions to scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and other scents. The CCBA and club owners seek your cooperation to avoid these situations by coming to all bridge events "scent-free."

Please help us by abiding to our new policy. Thank you for your consideration.


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