Noteable Quotes and Articles


George Jacobs:

"It's the most fun you can have, with your clothes on!"

Bill Gates:

"I've never met anybody that spent time to learn the game that didn't consider it one of the great things in their life."

Warren Buffet:

"If I'm playing bridge and a naked woman walks by, I don't even see her."


Bridge Authors

There are a number of good authors out there that have their own websites, and have an abundance of good hands to showcase:

  • Bobby Wolff - Multiple National Champion.  Former "Dallas Aces" star.
  • Philip Alder - New York Times Bridge Columnist
  • Richard Pavlicek - A good teacher with plenty of resources.
  • Mike Lawrence - Mike has won three world championships and more than 20 major NABC Championships.
  • Eddie Kantar - He won two World Champion and thirteen North American Championship titles.

Conventional Understandings

All About Bridge has infromation on the origin of bridge itself.

Bridge Bum is another pretty good reference site.  As they put it "This site began in 1999 and has slowly grown into a large set of descriptions of Bidding conventions, as well as pages about famous bridge players like Warren Buffett and personal bridge Articles."

Bridge Playing Sites

The two most popular places to play bridge on the net, in this webmaster's opinion are:

Other places to play include:

Hand Generators

Dealmaster Pro is the program that pretty much all clubowners use for creating pre-dealt hands at their clubs.

PlayBridge is another source for dealing hands.   It also has a "Shuffle Project" that has been dealing hands for years -- literally.  It is used to show how accurate their dealer is compared to the true mathematical odds for dealing a particular hand or points.


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