Harmon Wilkes Award

The most prestigeous honor that the CCBA Board of Directors awards, is the Harmon Wilkes Award.

This award is not automatically presented each year, but only when the CCBA Board of Directors deems that there is a member that has met the following conditions:

  1. Observes both the laws and ethics of the game.
  2. Plays competitively and is always fair.
  3. Is gracious in victory as well as in defeat.
  4. Is pleasant as a partner or an opponent.
  5. Exhibits good manners at the bridge table and awareness that pleasure is also a purpose for playing bridge.
  6. Graciously abides by the ruling of the directors and does not give unsolicited lessons during the game.
  7. Avoids discussion of boards in the presence of new opponents.
  8. Refrains from intemperate drinking and has regard about personal appearance.
  9. Does not become angered or quarrelsome.
  10. Has a genuine interest in the preservation and development of duplicate bridge and the maintenance of its good reputation.

Year    Recipient

2014     Howard Engle
    Allan Jonas
2012    Cheri Bjerkan
2011    Ralph Katz
2010    George Jacobs
2009    Jeff Miller
2008    Tillie Ott
2007    Eleanor Shadur
2006    Anne Hayes
2005    Harriette Buckman
2004    Carol Labarge
2003    (not awarded)
2002    Mary Gardner
2001    Jim Humphrey
2000    Greg Gran
1999    (not awarded)
1998    Jerry Goldfien
1997    Jim Stevens
1996    (not awarded)
1995    Tom Obermeier
1994    Fred Buckman
1993    Adrienne Cohen
1992    Jim Burt
1991    Helen S. Brown and Gloria Harris
1990    Art Gran
1989    Barbara Saben
1988    Bob Price



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